…. From 1 to 23 trucks

The company started in 2005 with one single truck. As the years passed by we have bloomed till 23 trucks. 

Twan Bierings transport BV started in Leende and moved to Rondven 25 in Maarheeze after a while. 

The popular truckstar festival is a tradition for Twan Bierings transport bv. We have won multiple prices there. Visitors can choose the winner of the most beautiful truck, that award is known as the public price. Twan Bierings transport BV has won that award 4 times.
When Twan Bierings transport BV is at the truckshow of Liessel it is almost every time that we’ll in a price. The first price for exceptional transport had been won multiple times here. In 2015 did one truck not only win the price for exceptional transport but also the price for best looking truck.